The Importance of Active Recreation

Active Recreation

Recreation is something that can be defined as refreshment of the body and the mind through activities that stimulate and amuse. Findings and researches on this subject have come up with results showing that different types of recreational activities offer mental and health benefits. These activities also help in developing the social and psychological tendencies of people. These could be active or passive or a combination of both.



Passive activity is where a person does not have a very big role to play in the recreational procedure.


Watching aerobics, enjoying music, reading or watching a football match in the stadium are perfect examples of passive activities.


In this case, the person engages in the activity partially without taking any kind of stress.


Passive recreational activities relieve tension and help in rejuvenation. Active recreational activities, on the other hand, are activities.

where an individual has an important role to play. Bicycling, playing cricket, brisk walking and running are all active recreational activities.

The Benefits Fetched from recreational Activities

There are large scale benefits that can be fetched from recreational activities and they are as follows:

  • Individuals who are involved in physical activities do not have less chances of being obese.
  • Recreational activities are just wonderful for the purpose of heart rate elevation.
  • These activities also help in boosting the immune system. It has been proved through research that the people who are engaged in moderate exercises can help in making positive changes to their immune system.
  • Active recreational activities help in increasing positive moods.
  • Leisure and amusement activities also help in alleviating pain.
  • Revitalization, relaxation and rest by way of recreational activities are important for managing stress.
  • These activities also help individuals in gaining great satisfaction from their personal lives.

Advantages for the Senior Citizens

It is also very important for the senior citizens to possess recreational skills. It has been proved through research that recreational activities are very important for the social behavior of individuals. These activities have an important role to play in the lives of the senior citizens. They help in improving their life quality and in gaining life satisfaction. Physical recreational activities for the senior citizens are especially crucial. This is because engaging in such activities reduces the risk of various diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, colon cancer and heart diseases in the older citizens. These activities also help the senior citizens in improving their mental health. Research on this subject shows that the older citizens participating in different recreational activities have improved coping behaviors during stressful situations in life.

Different Resources for the Help of Senior Citizens

Unluckily, there are many individuals who view their older years as the time of less social interaction and activity. This is the reason why aging individuals assume that they do not have the capability of engaging in recreational activities. These people cite different reasons for avoiding such activities and these include scarce financial resources, declining health and lack of proper transportation. However, in the present times there are some great resources being dedicated for the wellness of the senior citizens. These include arts and entertainment, travel programs, volunteering and recreational programs.